Resource and Business Development


Insightful Guidance

Trimble Energy Group understands the complexity of oil and gas resources and the inherent challenges to safely and optimally develop these assets. Our team can assist exploration and production companies with risk assessment and development strategies to responsibly maximize value. We have the technical skill set to interpret reservoir, completion and production data to optimize development and performance.


Strategic Planning

Trimble professionals have decades of experience in corporate planning, reporting, budgeting, risk management and resource development, having held senior leadership positions with private and publicly traded conventional and unconventional exploration and production companies. We have the knowledge and expertise to support our clients’ commercial and technical teams and function as an extension of their existing capabilities.


Partnerships and Joint Ventures

We recognize that poolings, partnerships and joint ventures are a proactive and effective way for companies to preserve capital, combine resources and intelligence, reduce competition and mitigate risk. Our experienced team of deal makers can assist with sourcing and evaluating options for resource development, and structuring accretive deals that align with your corporate goals and objectives.


Mineral and Infrastructure Negotiations

At Trimble, we take great pride in supporting our clients in meeting their growth targets and financial goals. Our team has successfully executed a variety of comprehensive mineral and infrastructure deals ranging from freehold and crown acquisitions, farmouts, poolings and asset exchanges to infrastructure and facility deals.

Our hands-on experience with mineral and infrastructure negotiations and related contractual documents and agreements position us favorably to navigate the complexities associated with commercial negotiations and achieve a positive outcome for our clients.



Trimble professionals have decades of experience with conventional and unconventional play types. We have a proven track record of identifying and capturing accretive opportunities that increase well performance, production, drilling inventory, reserves and economic returns.