Reserves and Resource Evaluations


Appraising Value

Reserve and resource evaluations are foundational to our business and the petroleum and natural gas industry in general. Trimble Energy Group has an experienced team of professional engineers, engineering technologists and geoscientists with expertise in both domestic and international basins. We employ a comprehensive range of techniques to thoroughly and reliably appraise the value of your reserves and resources.


Corporate and Property Evaluations

Trimble has an established track record of providing our clients with independent, third-party reserve reports since 1971. Our reserve reports are core to our business and used by investors, financial institutions and public and private companies in the furtherance of their business goals and initiatives.

Trimble professionals are proficient at preparing reserve reports in a timely and cost-effective manner to align with client business needs. We apply globally recognized evaluation and reporting guidelines and classification systems to evaluate all reservoir types around the world. Our work processes and reporting are compliant with the regulatory requirements of all major hydrocarbon producing regimes, including the major stock exchanges of Canada, the United States, Hong Kong and London.


Acquisition and Divestitures

Trimble professionals are routinely engaged by acquiring clients to technically review properties for sale. This includes properties offered publicly or through exclusive private processes. Trimble’s experience facilitates an efficient review of high-level detail to determine if further due diligence is required. When further review is required, Trimble has the resources to analyze the detail and present meaningful economic metrics that assist with our client’s determination of fair market value.

Trimble also provides formal evaluation reports in support of divestiture efforts. These reports are well supported with technical backup and provide solid evidence of the value represented by the properties offered for sale.


Engineering Audits

Trimble is regularly asked to audit reserve evaluations prepared by others. We analyze the provided reports for completeness, accuracy and compliance with established evaluation and reporting guidelines and resource classification systems. Our detailed engineering audits identify concerns and provide confidence for all stakeholders relying on the reported results.


Expert Testimony

As a trusted and respected authority on oil and gas reserves and resources, market influences, economic metrics, fair market value, production and operations, Trimble is frequently requested to provide expert testimony and opinions in judicial proceedings and regulatory hearings. We have provided testimony in numerous litigations, hearings and arbitrations over the past half-century and continue to be highly regarded and utilized as a trusted authority in oil and natural gas related matters.